Monday, July 26

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Facebook moderators, tasked with watching horrific content, are demanding an end to NDAs that promote a’culture of fear and excessive secrecy’

Facebook content moderators are calling for an end to NDAs, which prohibit them from talking about work. Moderators are contractors tasked with sifting through violent content, like suicide and child abuse. The moderators are also asking for better mental health support and full-time employee pay. See more stories on Insider's business page. LoadingSomething is loading. ...
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Facebook will let users become’experts’ to cut down on misinformation. It’s another attempt to avoid responsibility for harmful content.

Facebook will let people in groups become experts, whose posts will be amplified. The idea is to designate "knowledgeable experts" who can serve as authoritative voices. But the move is another way Facebook is skirting responsibility for what is posted on its site. LoadingSomething is loading. ...