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How to access Microsoft apps and services without passwords | Digital Trends Spanish

Although passwords used to help us keep our accounts safe, they have long since ceased to be a more secure mechanism. And if you add to the above that you must remember them all, the problem is even greater. If you want to do without it, you need to know how to access Microsoft apps and services without passwords. You will be interested in: Microsoft had already given an outline in this regard by implementing a function that allows you to dispense with your password to log in to Windows 11, although this is the biggest step in the company's effort to leave them in the past. What is the risk of passwords According to Microsoft, weak passwords are the entry point for most attacks on business and consumer accounts: 18 billion events of this nature are recorded each year, or 579 attacks p...
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Microsoft accounts no longer need passwords | Digital Trends Spanish

This Wednesday, September 15, Microsoft announced that it will no longer ask the user for passwords so that they can access any of their accounts associated with the company. Until some time ago, this was only allowed to your business customers, however, from today it is available to all users. Now, instead of entering a password, the technology offers a series of options to access the different accounts. This could be done through the Windows Authenticator application, Windows Hello, a physical security key, and codes sent by email or SMS. Thus, the person can enter any of the services offered by the company with this method, such as Office, OneDrive, Microsoft Family Safety, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Windows 10 and 11, among other applications. To remove the password, it is necessary to ...
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Some good tips to protect your smartphone from hackers and intruders

The idea of ​​someone breaking into your phone causes almost as much fear as the possibility that they will break into your home; maybe worse. We are talking about an invasion of your privacy, a violation of your personal space. Not only does your cell phone hold many important things, it will also tell hackers which ones are the most valuable. To keep your phone and its contents away from prying eyes, you must develop a strategy to protect your information. We share some tips on how to protect your smartphone from hackers and intruders. Update your operating system and applications Companies are constantly updating their software, but they are not just doing it for aesthetic reasons. Many updates include bug fixes and security enhan...
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How to change your Gmail password in a few simple steps | Digital Trends Spanish

An important part of your digital life is prioritizing your security, and a great place to start good practices is by updating your email password regularly. Currently, that for many means changing the Gmail password; If this is your case and you have never done it, don't worry. It's simple, and with this guide you will learn how to do it in no time. The big question is do you know how to do it? Next, we show you all the steps so that you can change your user's password in Gmail. You will be surprised how easy and fast it is, whether you do it from a computer or from a mobile device. You will also be interested Step 1: log into your Gmail account Go to page Google MyAccount and click on the blue "Login" button that appears in the upper right corner. Enter your ...
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How to unlock an Android phone if you forgot your password or PIN

A PIN will give your telephone or android tablet a basic and necessary level of security. However, everything in life has some downside, and in this case the downside is that if you forget, you won't be able to unlock your computer. However, if you were to see yourself in this unfortunate situation, all is not lost. But it is important to be prepared. Do you know what to do if for some reason you forget your password or PIN? It is always useful to know how to unlock an Android phone in simple steps. Can't decide between Android or iOS? read our comparison between both operating systems and choose for yourself. Use Find My Device If your phone has Android 5.0 Lollipop, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Android 7.0 Nougat, or a later version of Android, then your best optio...