Friday, July 30


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Mini-LED vs. QLED. How one technology is improving the other | Digital Trends Spanish

Since its inception with the first LCD and later LED televisions, technology continues to advance steadily. Nowadays it is very common to hear the term OLED and QLED that although they are not cheap, they are already very common. The newest in this quality category is Mini-LED and it seems TCL is leading the way. In the distance still, MicroLED can be seen, but that is another story, at the moment not very accessible and expensive. You will be interested in: If this sounds too much like QLED technology to you, you've definitely been doing your homework. QLED and mini-LEDs are actually complementary to each other, and together they could finally prove that OLED isn't the only way to get the best image quality in the world. Here's the full Mini-LED and QLED story. LED: size does matt...