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Counter Strike: Global Offensive

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Efforts to make the gaming community less toxic | Digital Trends Spanish

Playing video games has its benefits. In addition to providing moments of entertainment, they allow the development of skills such as visual spatial intelligence and problem solving. It also works as a way to release stress or meet new people. They have also helped deal with isolation due to quarantines, allowing groups of friends, who cannot be seen due to the pandemic, to meet virtually and play something together. However, nothing is perfect. Video games also have a "bad side", which is toxic behaviors. There is no standard definition of it, but we could say that they are behaviors that intentionally disturb other people, affecting their emotional well-being. On the day of gamer —Which we could define as a person who dedicates a large part of his life to playing video games— we r...
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From Half-Life to Steam Deck: Valve Corporation turns 25 | Digital Trends Spanish

In mid-1996, two Microsoft employees who had been involved in the development of the Windows operating system were looking for a change. With their experience in software, they decided to quit their job and form their own company. So on August 24, 1996, Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington founded Valve LLC. Upon leaving Microsoft, former employees approached John Carmack of Id Software for advice; Newell knew Carmack after developing the version of Doom for Windows, as previously it only ran under MS-DOS. Carmack recommended that they license a game engine to develop their own title (like him with Quake Engine), and thus began development of the successful game. Half-life. Initially, they worked with the Quake Engine, but by modifying 70 percent of the code — they added skeletal animati...
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The best Steam games today | Digital Trends Spanish

Despite competing with platforms such as Epic games Y Origin, Steam continue being he place to play on PC, and it's easy to see why. Steam offers a much larger library than any other digital rights management (DRM, Digital Rights Management). But beyond that, it comes with a couple of extra benefits that the other platforms can't compete with. Whether you're looking for an achievement guide or looking for community-made mods, Steam has a feature for it. If you don't mind getting on a DRM platform, Steam is the best way to buy PC games. If you've just built a gaming computer or want more game options to add to your library, these are the best Steam games. Divinity: Original Sin II Divinity: Original Sin II captures everything about Steam. It's a dense RPG game with lots of ach...
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The best multiplayer games on PC | Digital Trends Spanish

In this article we will tell you about the best multiplayer games on PC that exist today. These types of video games have come a long way since the days of Pong. Improved hardware and lightning-fast internet connections have given developers the ability to create connected experiences that we would not have dreamed of a few decades ago. Nowhere is this more apparent than on PC, as developers and game designs have pushed the limits of the medium and given gamers truly incredible titles. Many of the best multiplayer games for PC are free to play, and some are even cross-play enabled, allowing you to enjoy them with your friends on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Whether you're looking for your next competitive challenge or a fun way to relax at the end. of the day, surely h...