Monday, September 27

Counter Strike

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From Half-Life to Steam Deck: Valve Corporation turns 25 | Digital Trends Spanish

In mid-1996, two Microsoft employees who had been involved in the development of the Windows operating system were looking for a change. With their experience in software, they decided to quit their job and form their own company. So on August 24, 1996, Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington founded Valve LLC. Upon leaving Microsoft, former employees approached John Carmack of Id Software for advice; Newell knew Carmack after developing the version of Doom for Windows, as previously it only ran under MS-DOS. Carmack recommended that they license a game engine to develop their own title (like him with Quake Engine), and thus began development of the successful game. Half-life. Initially, they worked with the Quake Engine, but by modifying 70 percent of the code — they added skeletal animati...