Tuesday, July 27


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New YouTube function allows giving money to creators | Digital Trends Spanish

YouTube announced that it is testing Super Thanks, a new feature that allows users of the video platform to send money, in the form of tips, to content creators. Basically, it is a way for fans to thank, through money, the youtubers who constantly post videos on the site. According to the announcement, Super Thanks has already been tested in 68 countries, and is available both in its desktop version and from the YouTube applications for iOS and Android. Youtube.It appears with a new button that you see next to the popular likes, dislikes and share; It has a heart icon with the $ symbol and the inscription "thank you." Once it is pressed, the platform invites to thank with a Super Thanks. There are four fixed amounts available: $ 2, $ 5, $ 10, or $ 50. When this option is chosen, YouT...