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Cuba will recognize and regulate the use of cryptocurrencies | Digital Trends Spanish

Cuba recognized cryptocurrencies and the Central Bank will regulate operations when this type of currency involves people or institutions established on the island. A resolution of the organization published this week affirms that the rules for virtual assets will be dictated and that it will determine the granting of licenses to service providers for them in operations “related to financial, exchange and collection or payment activity, in and from the National territory". Due to the difficulty of using dollars, in part due to the tightening of embargo regulations imposed by Donald Trump, the popularity of these currencies has recently gained popularity among Cuban technology experts. The new resolution determines that the Central Bank can authorize the use of cryptocurrencies for reaso...
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Jack Dorsey believes that Bitcoin will be able to unite the world | Digital Trends Spanish

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, is one of the leading proponents and promoters of cryptocurrencies. Now, the executive has used his account on the social network to publicize his expectations regarding the use of Bitcoin. In this sense, Dorsey did not fall short and came to assure on Twitter that Bitcoin will be able to unite the world. This comment came after an amendment to the Senate infrastructure package was blocked that would have expanded the government's stake in the cryptocurrency. In this context, Dorsey wrote that "Bitcoin will unite a deeply divided country (and eventually: the world)." Dorsey did not specify which country he was referring to or how this cryptocurrency will be able to unite the planet. The truth is that it is not the first time that he has made this type o...
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Amazon plans to accept Bitcoin by the end of this year | Digital Trends Spanish

Amazon would have plans to accept Bitcoin by the end of this year, according to a report from the daily English City AM This information was revealed by an anonymous source to the newspaper and, from that moment, the price of the cryptocurrency has risen considerably. “This is not just following motions to set up cryptocurrency payment solutions at some point in the future; this is an integral part, well discussed, of the future mechanism of how Amazon will work, ”said the source in the article published on Monday. According to the publication, Bitcoin would be the first of about eight cryptocurrencies that the company would start accepting. This would include other cryptocurrencies, such as ethereum, cardano, and bitcoin cash. The company's plans had started in 2019, it was also indi...
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They offer cryptocurrencies in exchange for eye scanners | Digital Trends Spanish

Sam Altman, former CEO of the Y Combinator business incubator, is working on a new cryptocurrency that he plans to distribute to everyone. At least to all those who have their eyeballs scanned. Behind this unique idea is the startup Worldcoin, co-founded by Altman, and which has managed to raise $ 25 million in an initial round of investment. According to Saltman, the idea of ​​this project is to use cryptocurrency and be able to distribute the money fairly. "I have been very interested in things like universal basic income and what is going to happen with the redistribution of global wealth and how we can help do it better," he explains. "Through a novel approach: It is a dedicated hardware device that guarantees both humanity and uniqueness for all who sign up, while maintaining thei...
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Mattel Auction Hot Wheels NFT Collection | Digital Trends Spanish

Mattel ventures into the world of NFTs, particularly its Hot Wheels toy line. From now on, fans will be able to own and trade limited edition digital facsimiles of their favorite Hot Wheels vehicles. NFT stands for non-fungible token, that is, a piece of digital content that belongs to the user and that retains information about the creator. Most of these NFTs use cryptocurrencies, a decentralized digital currency that offers some discretion for whoever spends it. What is Hot Wheels turning into digital toys? The beginning of this collection starts with Twin Mill, Bone Shaker and Deora II, but getting them might not be as easy as the brand's physical toys that can be purchased in local markets. They will be auctioned at this link June 22 at 9 a.m. Pacific (12 p.m. Eastern). The auctio...