Tuesday, September 28

CST-100 Starliner

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Boeing’s spaceship launch for NASA is seriously delayed as’disappointing’ technical issues send it back to the factory

LoadingSomething is loading. Boeing designed its Starliner spaceship to fly NASA astronauts. But nobody is getting aboard anytime soon. The capsule was supposed to complete an uncrewed test flight to and from the International Space Station (ISS) to show the space agency that it's ready to carry people. That was scheduled for August 3, but Boeing had to scrub the launch when it discovered that 13 valves on the spaceship's propulsion system weren't opening as they were s...
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Boeing will once again try to fly its spaceship to the space station for NASA on Friday, after failing its first attempt

LoadingSomething is loading. On Friday, Boeing's Starliner spaceship will attempt to redeem itself after botching its last major test flight.The company's eventual goal is to fly astronauts to the International Space Station for NASA, the way SpaceX already does. Both companies developed their launch systems through NASA's Commercial Crew Program, a competition that awarded funding to private companies in order to develop new astronaut-rea...