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Twitter suspended one million accounts for harassment | Digital Trends Spanish

Twitter had to suspend nearly a million accounts for violating its anti-bullying rules during the second half of last year. This constitutes 142 percent more than in the previous period. The platform also removed a total of 3.8 million posts that violated its policies. This information was shared in the last transparency report, which includes moderation measures and requests for access to information registered between July 1 and December 31, 2020, a period in which the social network has recognized that COVID- 19 had "a great impact on their activity." Thus, the social network had to take proactive actions to prevent manipulation related to the pandemic in 10.3 million accounts. In this way, it suspended 597 accounts and removed 3,846 content from the platform in the second part of ...
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WeChat closes accounts of LGBT groups in China | Digital Trends Spanish

WeChat, the most popular social networking service in China, deleted accounts on LGBT issues maintained by university students and non-governmental groups. The platform sent account administrators a notice that they were violating the rules, but did not provide further details, according to the founder of one of the LGBT groups, who asked not to be identified in an AP article for possible retaliation by the government. It is still not clear if this decision was ordered from the executive, but it comes at a time when the government tightens political controls and tries to silence groups that could criticize it. The same source pointed out that the official attitude is increasingly strict. The content of the WeChat accounts that included personal stories and photos of collective events we...
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We explain how to link Instagram with Facebook | Digital Trends Spanish

It is difficult to find the integration that Facebook and Instagram offer in other social networks. From a pleasant visualization and tools such as Stories, to the possibility of publishing content simultaneously, these two platforms make our lives easier. However, to take advantage of many of these advantages and keep your social networks up to date - with all the privacy aspects involved - you must know how to link Instagram with Facebook. iStock / Getty Images Pl After all, it makes sense for Facebook to provide optimized features for a popular app like Instagram, especially given that the social media giant bought the platform for a trillion dollars (one billion) in cash and stock almost six years ago. That said, the best thing about syncing your Facebook and Ins...
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The best applications to send money quickly, easily and safely | Digital Trends Spanish

Leaving home to withdraw cash, make payments, and make bank deposits worked great when there was no other option, but thankfully now it's a thing of the past. Although banks currently offer almost all of their services online, there are also applications that you can use to send money electronically. Obviously you are not only interested in being easy to use, but also reliable; In this list you will find our selection with the best applications to send money. They all operate quickly, easily and safely. All you need is one and download some of the mobile apps that we recommend below. As we know that privacy and security are very important in this area, do not worry because we have also taken this into account when preparing our list. The best Venmo We consider th...