Saturday, July 31


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Melancholy, a collider and the first photo on the internet | Digital Trends Spanish

Four smiling women, dressed in evening gowns, pose for a photograph. If the image is looked at carefully, it is seen that they were cut out of a photograph to paste them on a basic background decorated with the legend Les Horribles Cernettes. It is not the work of an expert, but it shows care. And, references aside, the composition is reminiscent of the female pop music groups of the eighties such as the Bangles, in the United States, or the Flans, in Mexico (where he is the one who signed this text). It could be one of the many millions of images that circulate on the internet, but it is not just any postcard, but the first photograph uploaded to the net. The names of the women who could well be the pioneers of Instagram are, from left to right, Angela Higney, Michele de Gennaro, C...