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Technological immortality: the yearning of an 11-year-old physicist | Digital Trends Spanish

Laurent Simons has made headlines in recent days for his premature and well-deserved achievement: he is 11 years old and has just graduated from the University of Antwerp in Belgium with a degree in physics. “I don't mind being the youngest. For me, everything consists of acquiring knowledge ", said the minor in an interview with the local newspaper By Telegraaf. Almost as surprising as the news of his degree has been the goal that Laurent has with all the knowledge acquired. In the same interview, the boy mentioned that he intends to live forever by becoming a cyborg. Laurent Simons.To achieve this, it intends to replace some of its organs with mechanical parts in order to achieve the desired immortality. "This is the first piece of the puzzle of my goal of substituting body parts fo...
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They create effective cyborg locusts to detect explosives | Digital Trends Spanish

The smell of lobsters has been studied for years for its potential use as a safety tool for humans. In 2016, the US Navy's Office of Naval Research (ONR) funded a project at the University of Washington, Saint Louis, to create remote-controlled lobsters that would detect explosives and contaminants. The insects were fitted with biorobotic devices that took advantage of the lobsters' sense of smell and could also distinguish what they were smelling. This is how the so-called cyborg locusts were born. The olfactory capacity of these animals has now been refounded by a new study by the University of Washington, released on Friday, August 14, by the institution's website. The research team conducted experiments and models and determined that "detection by multiple lobsters...