Friday, July 30

Dave & Busters

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Say goodbye to hotel turndown and these other services people simply don’t want to pay for anymore

Hilton discontinued daily housekeeping this week, part of a wider trend in hospitality. It's one of several things that customer-facing businesses are realizing they don't need anymore. The economy of 2021 is leaving behind parts of the economy of 2019: the physical ones. See more stories on Insider's business page. For Americans, early July marks Independence Day. This year, it also marks independence for hospitality workers.A record number of hospitality workers are simply quitting their jobs with no intention of ever going back, declaring a certain kind of independence. And those still on the job just gained independence from da...
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Restaurants are starting to hire robots instead of people who are demanding higher pay

Businesses are tired of waiting for workers and are increasingly turning to automation instead. The trend has swept through the restaurant industry as the labor shortage is hurting hiring. People have long feared automation destroying jobs, but it could also kick off a "virtuous circle" that helps the economy. LoadingSomething is loading. ...