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The Batman will have a second spin off based on the Penguin | Digital Trends Spanish

The next tape of The batman It has not yet been released but Warner is already planning new productions associated with that universe. And one of them could be a spin off focused on the Penguin. As reported by the site Variety, the project is already underway and it would be a series for HBO Max. This series could show the events that turned the Penguin into one of the most powerful criminals in Gotham City, although for now there are still details in the air that will remain that way until some of those signatures are finalized. These signatures have to do mainly with the protagonist. Actor Colin Farrell will play the role of Penguin in the upcoming The Batman, and Warner's idea seems to be for Farrell himself to reprise the role in the series. Warner Bros.The report also indicates ...
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Wonder Woman prepares her arrival at Fortnite | Digital Trends Spanish

Not only is Superman present in Fortnite. Diana Prince, also known by her superhero name Wonder Woman, It will be present in the game in a future update. This update is already dated and will be on August 20. The costume will come with Athena's hatchet, some hang gliders, a backpack accessory called Diana's Mantle in two variants, plus a special loading screen called Trinity, also featuring DC Comics figures. Fierce Amazonian Warrior and founding member of the Justice League, @DCComics Wonder Woman is coming to the Island. Read about her cosmetic set and about the upcoming Cup where you can earn her Outfit early! 🔗: & mdash; Fortnite (@FortniteGame) August 16, 2021 The costume and accessories can also be obtained through the event ca...
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Robin reveals himself as bisexual in new Batman comic | Digital Trends Spanish

Finally, what for years was the subject of speculation by fans of Batman and his universe was confirmed. Tim Drake, also known as Robin - Batman's faithful helper - has revealed that he is bisexual. This has happened in the sixth installment of the comic series Batman: Urban Legends which DC Comics is currently editing. Towards the end of the chapter, Tim Drake visits his friend Bernard and, after a brief conversation, accepts the latter's invitation to go on a romantic date. This dialogue marks the closing of the comic and the events will surely continue to unfold in the next episodes. But beyond the minutia, this revelation of Robin as a gay character marks an important point in the history of the Batman universe. Talking with Polygon, writer Meghan Fitzmartin explained that this T...
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Batman: Arkham Study Behind Suicide Squad Title | Digital Trends Spanish

"Target locked." With this phrase and an image that shows Superman with a sight on his head, the video game company Rocksteady Studios confirmed the next release of a title based on Suicide Squad. He teaser It only anticipates that the game will be presented on August 22, 2020, within the framework of the Warner Bros. DC FanDome event, which for the first time will be completely virtual. Rocksteady Studios has not released more details on the title, as if there will be other superheroes that are part of the objectives of the members of Suicide Squad, or if the title will have a cooperative mode, which brings together all the members of the band. Suicide Squad It has multiple villains, although the best known are Deadshot and Harley Quinn, two of the protagonists of the...