Tuesday, September 28

del Spectre x360 15

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HP Envy vs. HP Specter: content creation or productivity? | Digital Trends Spanish

HP produces a range of notebooks ranging from low-end computers in the Pavilion line to ZBook workstations. Planted in the middle are two lines, starting with the Envy at significantly lower prices - without necessarily being cheap - and the Specter, already in premium territory. Which one should you choose? We compare the HP Envy vs. HP Specter to show you the differences between the two laptops. You will be interested in: At some point, the HP Envy was considered a mid-range laptop, while the Specter was billed as a high-end piece of equipment. That has changed, at least in terms of capabilities, with the Envy targeting creators and the Specter targeting the most demanding productivity users. Design Mark Coppock / Digital TrendsThe biggest design difference between the Envy and S...