Tuesday, September 28

Department of Transportation

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Spirit Airlines’ week-long meltdown has reportedly caught the attention of the US government

Spirit Airlines canceled more than 2,000 flights last week in an operational meltdown. Now, the Department of Transportation is "monitoring" the airlines' next steps, TPG reported. Federal law requires airlines to provide customers refunds or alternative flights after cancellations. LoadingSomething is loading. Spirit Airlines' week-long meltdown has caught the attention o...
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Airlines may soon be required to issue refunds for delayed luggage and in-flight internet service not working

Airlines may soon need to refund for delayed luggage and a lack of in-flight internet, AP reports. The Department of Transportation will propose this in the coming days, according to the AP. Bags would need to be delivered within 12 hours of a US landing or 25 hours of an international one. LoadingSomething is loading. ...