Tuesday, September 28

desafío de cajas de leche

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TikTok Deletes Videos With Viral Box Challenge | Digital Trends Spanish

The social network TikTok is taking action against the so-called viral milk carton challenge, that has proven as popular as it is dangerous for those who try. The challenge is simple and it is simply a matter of building a ladder with plastic boxes (used to transport milk bottles, hence the name), in the shape of a pyramid. Then, you have to go up and down each side of the ladder and those who succeed can say that they have passed the test successfully. The challenge was popularized by a hashtag: #milkcratechallenge. However, TikTok does not seem to have found this very funny, especially because of the danger that the test represents and that has been reflected in the hundreds and thousands of falls registered on the internet, which are very easy to find with a simple search. In resp...