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How to download Netflix movies in a few steps | Digital Trends Spanish

Oh no, you are going to take a long trip and you will not have an internet connection! What can you do to entertain yourself all that time? Look through the window? Maybe you could catch up on your favorite Netflix series, sure. In case you didn't know, Netflix allows you to download a lot of content to enjoy offline; the process is not complicated and we will explain it to you here. Learn how to download Netflix movies (and series, of course). You will be interested in: The following instructions should work for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices. Note: Although Windows PC users can download chapters to watch without a Wi-Fi connection, they must use the Netflix app from the Windows Store to do so. Perform the download Step 1: keep up to date The first is the first. You will n...
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Android 12 will let you play video games while they download | Digital Trends Spanish

A better internet connection may have made people more anxious, especially in the pandemic, and they are no longer willing to wait for a download. For them, the most anxious, good news. According an article from Engadget, Android 12 will stop playing a video game before it finishes downloading. Thus, according to Google, a title from the Play Store can be played in a matter of seconds. Specifically, it notes that games will be ready to open at least twice as fast as before. For example, a 127 MB game can be played with only 20 percent download. This recalls what was announced by Netflix a while ago, which also allows you to play partially downloaded series and movies. For now, developers can sign up for a beta for this feature, although the company points out that over time this mode...
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How to find downloaded documents on your iPhone or Android | Digital Trends Spanish

With the passage of time, you smartphone it transforms into a kind of electronic filing cabinet that you carry around in your pocket filled with photos, videos and PDF files and more. However, it is important to keep track and know how to find downloaded documents so that you can refer to them later (or delete them to free up space). You will be interested in: How to find downloads on iPhone If you have an iPhone, go to the Files app to find your downloads. You can use it to store from photos to songs saved from GarageBand, so if you downloaded something in the past, you will almost certainly find it there. Here we tell you how: Step 1: from the Home screen, tap Files. Step 2: If it doesn't immediately take you to the Explore screen, tap the Explore folder icon at the bottom right ...
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Now Netflix lets you view partially downloaded content | Digital Trends Spanish

From now on, Netflix will allow Android users to watch content offline even if it has not finished downloading completely. This is convenient and practical for those people who were getting ready to watch a series or movie that they had left downloading, but could not do so since the download was not carried out in full. The company explains that this will allow subscribers to enjoy their favorite content and continue downloading once the internet connection is restored. “We're always looking for ways our members can more easily access their favorite shows and movies, regardless of language, device, connectivity, or location,” explains Keela Robison, Vice President of Product Innovation at Netflix. Although for now this new function is available only on Android, the platform anticipates...
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How to Reliably Download Music from YouTube | Digital Trends Spanish

Extracting music from YouTube videos has become quite common, and that has motivated the creation of various sites and programs to facilitate the process. However, you have to be careful, as not all the services offered are reliable. In fact, there are sites that could infect your computer with malware, or simply generate poor quality audio files. If you are looking for a way to download music from YouTube, you first have to make sure that the sites or applications you use are not going to harm your device. The good news is that our team has found two methods that will make the process safe and easy. But first, a caveat: copying and downloading audio from YouTube is a violation of the terms of use of the platform, and that could get you into trouble. There are ways...