Tuesday, September 28

Detectar cámaras ocultas en un Airbnb

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How to detect hidden cameras in an Airbnb and take care of your privacy | Digital Trends Spanish

The case of a Canadian couple who found a hidden camera in an alarm clock in their Airbnb rental returned to memory, after a viral showed how you can be spied on with these gadgets. So that you can keep your privacy safe, we will explain how to detect hidden cameras in an Airbnb or anywhere else. You will be interested in: Let's face it, in the world there are people who seek to do harm. For this same reason we lock the doors of our house or we do not walk alone in a dark alley. And although when we rent a room, a house or a hotel, we do not expect someone to spy on us, this is not always the case. Regardless, as disturbing as it is to hear incidents like this one, you should consider that these are exceptions and not the norm. But if it is an issue that worries you, we give you som...