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disco duro portatil

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What is a computer hard drive and how does it work? | Digital Trends Spanish

Despite the fact that you listen to it constantly, you may still not be 100 percent clear about what a computer's hard drive is, and what the function of this component consists of. There are even people who confuse it with RAM. We can clarify this with a simple analogy: a hard drive is like a filing cabinet in which you store books (hundreds or thousands). RAM, for its part, is the desktop where you work with a certain number of books simultaneously (10, 20 or a little more). Keep reading and know everything about it. You will be interested in: The purpose of the hard drive The hard drive is where your computer stores long-term data, which is not erased when you turn it off, (unlike RAM). A hard drive not only stores your personal or work files, but all the code required for your ...