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Twitter redesigns TweetDeck with additional new features | Digital Trends Spanish

TweetDeck, Twitter's post management tool, has undergone a major renovation by the company. Thus, some additional functions have been incorporated as part of a platform test to design a subscription service. For now, this test has been applied to small groups of users in countries such as the United States, Canada and Australia, who have shared a redesigned version of the TweetDeck manager. TwitterKayvon Beykpour, Product Manager of the platform, explained that this redesign includes additional functions such as a complete tweet composer, advanced search functions, new types of columns and a new way to group them more similar to how it looks in the Twitter application. . We're testing new features in TweetDeck for a small group in the US, Canada and Australia. These include a full Twe...
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Microsoft Office is inspired by Windows 11 for new design | Digital Trends Spanish

Microsoft has just introduced a renewed version of Office specially adapted for the new Windows 11. According to the company, this release is designed to offer "a simpler and more consistent experience in all the Office apps on which you depend, so that you can concentrate on your work more easily." From the company they explain that this new Office will also be available to all Windows 10 users. According to Microsoft, this visual renewal is based on feedback from users, who asked for a more natural and consistent experience within and between applications. In this way, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access, Project, Publisher and Visio received an important aesthetic change with Fluent Design, hand in hand with what was already shown in Windows 11, for a more fluid experie...
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Fans surprise with this Among Us design in Lego | Digital Trends Spanish

Among us It has become the revelation game of the last time. There are millions of players around the world who spend long hours enjoying this new installment. In addition, his fanaticism has crossed other areas. We recently told you about a user who created a version of this game in 3D available to be played in virtual reality. Now another follower has created a concept design for Among us in Lego and uploaded it to the website LEGO Ideas. If several votes are obtained, this proposal could be brought to life. Lego Ideas. This recreation is named after The Skeld; in fact, The Skeld it is also the name of a game map. All the design in LEGO is based on that particular map. Its construction features five main stages: the cafeteria, the electrical and storage room, the engine room...
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MIT Designs Mask That Inactivates Coronavirus With Heat | Digital Trends Spanish

The use of masks has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to avoid coronavirus infections. Aware of this, a group of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has designed a mask that inactivates the virus using heat. The researchers hope to develop this mask incorporating a heated copper mesh that runs on a battery and is surrounded by insulating neoprene. Thus, as the person wearing the mask breathes, the air flows through this mesh and the viral particles in the air are slowed down and inactivated due to this device and the high temperatures. MIT. This mask is expected to be of great use to healthcare professionals or the general public, especially when social distance cannot be respected. “This is a completely new mask concept in that it does ...
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After ten years, Wikipedia will release a renewed image | Digital Trends Spanish

Over time, Wikipedia has become one of our favorite sites. There are countless occasions in which we have turned to this portal in search of answers or references and we have never been disappointed. Wikipedia has it all. Practically. And its classic and invariable design has been, over the years, one of its best letters of introduction. However, from the Wikimedia Foundation they consider that it is time for a change. This was announced by Olga Vasileva, product director of the foundation who, through a release, has warned that the Wikipedia design will suffer a variation after a decade. “The layout of the Wikipedia desktop and other Wikimedia Foundation projects have not seen any substantial change in the last 10 years, leaving certain elements of the site's navig...
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Ford Introduces “The Ultimate Virtual Racing Car” | Digital Trends Spanish

Sometimes you have to listen to the voice of video game lovers. And that's precisely what Ford's esports team (Fordzilla) did when they wanted to create their new virtual racing car. He called in a group of designers from the company to come up with a racing car. After learning about the work, he chose the best sketches and submitted them to the scrutiny of gamers around the world. 83 percent of the voters preferred the racing car by Spanish designer Arturo Ariño. Finally, this Friday, it was presented in society the P1 "the definitive virtual race car", according to the American brand, reported The Next Web. In a nod to the Ford GT40, the P1 features sleek, hyper-futuristic lines and has most of its body below wheel height. ...