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Distanciamiento social

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When bats get sick they socially distance themselves | Digital Trends Spanish

They are not exactly the most popular animals among the world's population, especially after they are blamed for being part of the origin of COVID-19. However, bats can teach us about the prevention of contagions. An investigation carried out by the Ohio State University showed that when bats feel sick, they socially distance themselves from their group mates. The researchers collected some bats from their shelter and gave them a substance that activated their immune system and made them feel sick for several hours. They also placed custom-made “backpack” computers on their backs. The idea was to record data about the social encounters of the bats. Then they were returned to their home. Another control group of bats received a placebo. Gerald Carter / Ohio State University Compa...
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Bats, bees and gorillas make social distancing | Digital Trends Spanish

Social distancing, which has been a term so widely used during the coronavirus pandemic, is not a concept that only humans put into practice, since various studies have shown that animals and insects such as bats, bees, lobsters and gorillas also do it. . A trio of researchers from Hamilton College, Virginia Tech, and the University of Pittsburgh they reviewed social animal studies, including in addition to those mentioned Tasmanian devils, frogs, birds and wolves to see how they adjust their social habits when faced with infectious diseases. The results indicate that social distancing is also done in the animal kingdom to face these evils. Some conclusions about social distancing in animals: Healthy lobsters avoid sick lobsters Infected bats slow down their own socia...
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With Ringo Starr: This is how social distancing is measured | Digital Trends Spanish

Social distancing is one of the precautionary measures most promoted by the authorities in the world, since this would allow to keep at bay the possibility of getting COVID-19. Obviously this must be combined with the use of a mask, hand washing and many other measures, but ensuring that people are not together is an indicator requested by the World Health Organization (WHO). “Keep at least 1 meter (3 feet) away from yourself and others, particularly those who cough, sneeze, and have a fever. Why? When someone with a respiratory illness, such as a 2019-nCoV infection, coughs or sneezes, they project small droplets that contain the virus. If it is too close, you can inhale the virus ”, he maintains in his WHO website. That said, there are many places in the world wher...