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The Olympic ban on Afro swim caps — and the backlash it has received — is a huge lesson for business leaders

Soul Cap tried to have its swim caps — which fit over Afros — approved for the 2021 summer Olympics. The governing Olympic body rejected the request, saying it didn't conform to the "natural" head. Fortune 500 consultants explain why the decision is a teachable moment for other leaders. LoadingSomething is loading. ...
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Insider spoke with 8 of the most powerful Black women in money management about microaggressions, mentors, and career triumphs

Institutional investors control a combined $70 trillion in assets — and the majority of people managing that massive money pile are white, male, or both. LoadingSomething is loading. Insider spoke with eight Black women in high-powered asset-management roles who collectively control billions of dollars in assets. They shed light on...
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US intelligence agency’s amateurish Photoshop of a wheelchair user and a blind man onto its diversity report cover backfires

A US intelligence agency used a stock photo for the cover of a diversity report, The New York Post reported. The image from Shutterstock was Photoshopped to include a blind man and a disabled woman. The images of these two fictional characters were also stock photos from Shutterstock, Insider can reveal. See more stories on Insider's business page. The Office of the Direction of National Intelligence (ODNI), a senior-level agency that provides oversight to the intelligence community, Photoshopped a stock photo of "multi-cultural office staff" for the cover of its annual diversity report, according to the New York Post.The cover ima...
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A Lagos-born diamond expert shares the struggles she faced as a Black creative in the industry, from hiring bias to funding challenges

LoadingSomething is loading. The jewellery industry isn't known for being particularly diverse. Last year, a survey published by the National Jeweler and Jewelers of America, showed that employees gave their companies the lowest marks for staff diversity, with 37% rating their company as fair, poor or very poor.In addition, 51% of respondents of all races sa...