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The best rock documentaries available on Netflix | Digital Trends Spanish

DT en Español could receive a commission if you buy a product from the site The Rolling Stones, The Beatles or Metallica are bands whose transcendence has transcended the borders of music, influencing multiple areas and several generations. Proof of this is that the best rock documentaries available on Netflix will hook not only the most staunch music lovers. You will be interested in: Keith Richards: Under the Influence (2015) An intimate documentary about Keith Richards, one of the founders of The Rolling Stones and one of its most controversial members. The documentary portrays Richards as a songwriter, guitarist and performer, as he records his first solo album in two decades. Along with Mick Jagger, he is the only member of the original line-up stil...
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Conflict in Afghanistan: films and documentaries to understand what is happening | Digital Trends Spanish

Afghanistan is making headlines again after the withdrawal of the US military from Kabul, leaving the country in the hands of the Taliban, whose aim is to impose their interpretation of Islamic law and eliminate any foreign influence. The conflict in Afghanistan began in 1979 and has been part of the longest - and second most expensive - war in the United States. This war comes to an end at the same time that thousands of citizens try to flee, after the insurgents have taken the Afghan capital and have taken control of almost the entire country. It might interest you: So that you can better understand everything about this crisis - which seems to have been locked in an endless loop since its inception and which ignited in 2001 with the 9/11 attacks orchestrated by Al-Qaeda - we recomme...
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The best documentaries on Amazon Prime | Digital Trends Spanish

The real world is more than fiction these days, and an escape to another plane of existence through cinema is not as tempting as examining the real issues that currently engulf the world. A documentary is a great way to get a fascinating insight into an endless series of subjects. Amazon Prime has a selection of great documentaries waiting to give you quick access to a world just outside your doorstep and beyond. We've gone through all the options to bring you the best documentaries available to watch on Amazon Prime right now. More than a Game (2008) Before LeBron James became one of the greatest basketball players of all time, he was just a high school student from Akron, Ohio, just like his teammates. As is well known, James appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated as a ...
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We select the best documentaries on Netflix | Digital Trends Spanish

On Netflix you can find amazing series and movies, but not everything in life is fiction, and there is also a long list of informative and educational programs that can capture your attention if you give them a chance. If you want to know which are the best documentaries on Netflix, we invite you to take a look at our list of the most popular right now. Take into account that this list has been prepared taking into account the programming available in the United States, so if you live in another country, it may not match the letter. Other streaming guides For more than two decades, Larry Nassar practiced medicine for the US National Gymnastics Team. However, Nassar betrayed the trust that was placed in him, sexually assaulting the gymnasts in his care. This docum...