Saturday, July 31

Dodge electrico

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Dodge promises an electric muscle car by 2024 | Digital Trends Spanish

Dodge reported today through a promotional video, that your first electric model It will be a muscle car which will hit the market in 2024. Aside from a brief look at the new vehicle covered by a tarp and some light-dark shots that avoid showing more detail, the video recorded at the entrance of the Dodge family mansion in Detroit, focuses more in old glories, than in the future of Dodge, which many analysts consider "in danger of extinction." Dodge clarifies that it will not sell electric cars but muscle cars, implying that whatever the way of generating mechanical energy that achieves greater power will be the one they use in their muscle cars. And anyone who hasn't been living under a rock for the past decade knows that that way today is an electric powertrain. Here it is worth maki...