Saturday, July 31


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Amazon Echo vs. Amazon Dot: which one suits you best? | Digital Trends Spanish

Amazon Echo vs. Amazon Dot, a comparison between two great smart speakers that use the voice assistant Alexa, who you can ask to play your favorite music, ask about the weather, or tell you what the latest news is, among many other functions. Analyze the differences between these devices and choose the one that best suits your needs. You will be interested in: Amazon Echo vs. Amazon Dot First, let's talk about Alexa Both the Amazon Echo and the Echo Dot bring with them Amazon's digital assistant, Alexa. You can ask Alexa to read the news to you, solve math problems, tell you about the weather, play music, and much more. Just use the activation word: "Alexa", and then you ask him what you want to know, or ask him what you need. You can even create your own skills on both devices us...