Thursday, July 29


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This giant drone was used to bring drugs to Spain | Digital Trends Spanish

Drones have long ceased to be devices that were used as toys by aviation enthusiasts and began to be used successfully in various fields. Thanks to their versatility, these unmanned aircraft are used to explore difficult-to-reach terrain, help rescue people, take impressive aerial shots and move various products. Also to carry drugs from one place to another. At least that is what the Police of Spain indicates, which seized a large drone that was used by drug traffickers to illegally transfer these substances from Morocco to Andalusia. Police of Spain.It is a drone almost 4.5 meters long and 26 kilos. According to the national police, it is the largest drone that has been seized in that country. The device is a Mugin 4450, which can carry a load of up to 25 kg according to its technic...
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The Risks of Buying a Home That Was a Drug Laboratory | Digital Trends Spanish

Probably many fans of Breaking bad have hallucinated having one of the houses that appeared in the popular television series, many of which were used as laboratories to make drugs, specifically methamphetamine. Some, perhaps, even thought about the possibility of acquiring a property that previously served as a drug laboratory. For them, science has a particular message: don't do it. A recent study warns about the serious health consequences of living in one of these buildings. The work was carried out by a group of researchers in Australia and was published by Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology. According to those in charge of the investigation, inside these residences there may still be contaminated air, even many years after having changed owners. The ...