Saturday, July 24


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DuckDuckGo Launches Protection Against Email Trackers | Digital Trends Spanish

DuckDuckGo, the company behind the privacy-focused eponymous search engine, is launching a new service to protect emails and avoid the tracking practices used by some advertisers. The service will deliver a free email address ending in @, which in turn will redirect to the user's official email account. However, before forwarding received emails, DuckDuckGo will look for trackers within the content; if there are any, it will be removed and then the mail will be sent clean of trackers to the user. According to DuckDuckGo, 70 percent of the emails include a tracker, which lets the sender know if the email was opened and also where it was opened or what type of device was used for it. "This email data can be used to create a profile of the user and thus send specific advertisem...