Tuesday, September 28


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LG has a giant 393-inch TV | Digital Trends Spanish

When you talk about giant televisions, you think of 80 or 100 inches. However, LG wanted to impose itself on those numbers and present a 393-inch with DVLED technology. DVLED is the acronym for Direct-view LED (something like direct view LED, in Spanish) and it is very different from traditional LED screens, since here there is no LCD involved as in common televisions, which use the small LEDs that emit light from below the panel. In this LG TV, on the other hand, the final image is recreated by millions of LEDs, which according to LG provides a better final quality in terms of brightness and contrast. An example of this are the black tones, since the small LEDs turn off and do not emit any type of light. Due to their construction and the technology behind these televisions have vario...