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Users can now shop directly on TikTok thanks to its partnership with Shopify

TikTok unveils a new in-app shopping feature in its latest partnership with Shopify. TikTok users can now purchase items from sellers directly from videos and retailer profiles. Since the pandemic, e-commerce has increased, creating ways for social platforms to get involved. LoadingSomething is loading. TikTok users can now shop directly in the app.The new TikTok Shopping fe...
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What is the Wish app? The e-commerce platform that offers discount products, explained

The Wish app lets you shop for discount products from the online Wish marketplace. Wish itself is an e-commerce platform that lets users sell and buy all sorts of products. The Wish app is mostly safe, but users should be wary of buying fake or mislabeled products. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. LoadingSomething is loading. You've probably heard abou...
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Walmart now sells its technology for online stores | Digital Trends Spanish

Walmart, the American giant known mainly for its supermarkets in various parts of the world, takes a step forward in terms of its main line of business: will start selling its digital store technology to other companies that need to implement this type of service. Walmart has been building a platform for years that not only allows you to sell your products online, but also create a marketplace in which other merchants can advertise. In a way, this is known, since Amazon also has a marketplace and develops technology for similar systems. Walmart's cloud platform manages purchase and delivery or pick-up systems in stores, which the company has already tested with its own customers. Therefore, now they will do the same, but they will offer it to third parties; perhaps smaller businesses...
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ContextLogic jumps 22% as Redditors highlight it as a meme-stock play for the week

ContextLogic, the e-commerce company that runs the Wish platform, rallied 22% Monday. The company was the top-hyped stock on Reddit investing threads like Wall Street Bets. "Wish is the play this week," said one Redditor. See more stories on Insider's business page. Shares of ContextLogic jumped as much as 22% Monday, as retail traders on Reddit investing threads touted the e-commerce stock as the play for the week. ContextLogic, the San Francisco, California-based company that operates the Wish ecommerce platform, was the top-hyped stock on Reddit investing threads like Wall Street Bets Monday, according to data from HypeEquity....
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THE ONLINE GROCERY REPORT: Coronavirus is accelerating US online grocery shopping adoption—here are the market stats, trends and companies to know

The coronavirus pandemic has brought online grocery—a promising but formerly niche industry—to the fore. The combination of shoppers' interest in avoiding public places, government orders to stay at home, and the continued need for groceries and essential goods has made online grocery delivery services from retailers like of Walmart, Amazon, Target, and Instacart indispensable. ...
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Forecast eCommerce trends predicted for Amazon will beat expectations in 2021

Pandemic-driven demand for ecommerce accelerated sales growth for every product category. And Amazon generates more than one-quarter of US ecommerce sales for every category other than auto/parts. Amazon's US ecommerce sales will grow by 15.3% this year to $367.19 billion after a meteoric 44.1% rise in sales during 2020. Ama...