Sunday, September 19


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Porsche builds the first e-fuel plant in Chile | Digital Trends Spanish

Porsche has just started in Chile the construction of the first synthetic fuel factory, also known as e-fuels, on the planet. It is a plant that will be built in Chilean Patagonia, specifically in Punta Arenas, and that will have an initial production of 130 thousand liters. It should start working in 2022. Siemens Energy and other multinationals will also participate in its construction. The German Federal Ministry of Economics is also involved. Its aim is to produce practically CO2 neutral fuel. "In southern Chile, we are carrying out one of the energy industry's most exciting projects for the future and driving the decarbonization of the mobility sector," said Armin Schnettler, Executive Vice President of New Energy Business at Siemens Energy. Porsche"This is an important and rapi...