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AuctionWeb and the broken laser pointer: how eBay began | Digital Trends Spanish

On September 3, 1995, programmer Pierre Omidyar created AuctionWeb in California, an online auction website. That day, without much expectation, Omidyar listed a broken laser pointer for $ 1 to sell through the new platform. For a week, no one was interested in the broken item, but then bidders began to push the price of the pointer until it reached $ 14.83. To his surprise, someone ended up buying the item at that price. It was about Mark Fraser, a Canadian who, curiously, collected broken laser pointers. This fact marked the beginnings of the immense website that, two years later, would be renamed as eBay. We are talking about a platform that remains current even today, managing online auctions and allowing people to buy goods from other people or from established companies, all o...
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How to sell an old Samsung Galaxy and get the best price | Digital Trends Spanish

Are you tired of your Samsung phone and want one of the new models? We know that the latter are costs, however, you can get some money with your used device. Whether you have a Galaxy S20, Galaxy S10, S9 Plus, or an S8, the faster you sell it, the more money you will make. Next we will explain how to sell a Samsung Galaxy old so you can get the most out of it. You will be interested in: Sell ​​it directly on Craigslist, eBay, and other platforms There is a lot of activity in the area of ​​used Samsung phones on eBay, Craigslist and other sites where you can sell your old cell phone directly to a private buyer. Prices vary and it's not as straightforward as some of the other options below, but it's potentially the most lucrative way to get rid of an old phone. You can set your own pr...
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Tesla’s tequila: sold out and resold for double | Digital Trends Spanish

What once started as a kind of joke by Elon Musk on social networks, under the name "Teslaquila", is now a reality. Musk's electric car maker Tesla just launched its own line of tequila, called Tequila Tesla. Despite the surprise, the unusual product turned out to be a success and was only available for sale for seven hours before it was sold out. The distillate sold for $ 250 on the Tesla website and came in an attractive bottle shaped like a lightning bolt. It is produced by Nosotros Tequila, a liquor brand in Southern California. Tesla. You can get it ... twice the original value For those who could not access the concoction, we leave as consolation part of the description that the label of the bottle brought: "Aged for 15 months in French oak barrels and in a hand-blown glass b...
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When can you buy the cheapest PS5 or Xbox Series X? | Digital Trends Spanish

In November, the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft are expected to hit the market: the PS5 and the Xbox Series X respectively. And possibly many users are raising the money to have the privilege of buying them. So far the average price expected for these devices is around $ 499. The truth is that an analysis of eBay gives the exact estimate of how long it will be until they can at least get a 35% discount on the purchase of these consoles. Digital Trends Graphic Calculations indicate that if the PS5 was launched in November, it would be cheaper around August 2021, while in the case of the Xbox Series X, it would take 12 months, so if it was released in November, it would also be more accessible in the penultimate month of 2021. “If a new PS5 ends up at $ 499 in Nove...