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Echo Show 5

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Echo Show 5 vs. Echo Show 8 (2021): which smart display to choose? | Digital Trends Spanish

The Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8 from 2021 differ by size and the occasional internal feature, so the question arises as to which of the two to buy. After using them for a couple of weeks, there seems to be a clearer answer to this question. Recall that Amazon presented its second generation of screens smart in May 2021. The first generation was unveiled in 2019. You may also like: Echo Show 5 vs. Echo Show 8 (2021): which smart display to choose? Echo Show 8 Features On the outside, your display 8-inch HD (adaptive color) and its 13 megapixel camera that is located on the upper right side of the panel. This last element also stands out for maintaining an automatic framing, as if it were tracking the subject, which means having more intuitive video calls. In the upper part of the equ...
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Speaker or Amazon Echo Show? Which one to buy first? | Digital Trends Spanish

After trying the Amazon Echo Show 5 and the third-generation Echo smart speaker for the first time for a few days, a question arises: which device should a user buy first who wants to start configuring their home with connected products? You could say that Amazon is one of the leading manufacturers offering a full range of smart items, from a plug to a display with Alexa, your virtual assistant. Anyone could fall into the web of gadgets firm intelligence and have an optimal experience, one that gets richer and richer over time. But you need to have a clear starting point. Luis Miguel Paredes / Digital Trends in Spanish Echo Show 5 One of its main goals is to provide a higher degree of interactivity compared to a simple smart speaker, as its display 5.5-inch displays c...