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YouTube tests downloading videos from the web version | Digital Trends Spanish

YouTube is still the most important and popular site for playing videos. Its catalog is so generous that many users download part of the content it offers. The problem is that, for this, it was necessary to resort to internet sites that were not always the safest. This inconvenience may have come to an end, since YouTube is testing a function that allows downloading videos from its web version. According to Android Police, a download button is currently available as an experimental feature for Premium users. This would be something similar to what the platform offers in its mobile version also for subscribers. How does it work? After this feature has been activated, people will be able to see a download button right next to the share option, which is below the videos or next to the th...
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This was the first version of Microsoft Internet Explorer | Digital Trends Spanish

Today, there is a generous supply of browsers so that users can navigate the web comfortably and with many tools at their disposal. There are even special browsers for mobile devices. However, there was a more nascent era of the internet when this offer was not so generous. For this reason, the launch of the first version of Microsoft's browser is considered a milestone. On August 16, 1995, that is, a day like today 26 years ago, the technology company released the brand new Internet Explorer, which was soon renamed Internet Explorer 1.0. The fact that it came integrated with the operating system soon made it the most popular and used web browser. This happened as of Windows 98, since, in the 1995 version, Internet Explorer worked as a plug-in. An important moment was the launch of I...
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How to import bookmarks to any web browser | Digital Trends Spanish

Bored with your web browser, but the only thing keeping you tied is the long list of bookmarks you've accumulated over the years? Or did you buy a new computer and don't know how to get all those bookmarks? So that it does not become an eternal damnation, we tell you how import bookmarks to your browser. Don't worry, we've got the most popular options covered. You will be interested in: How to export your browser bookmarks Generally the most efficient way to take your favorites with you by exporting them as a file in HTML format. In this way you can not only use it in any browser on your current computer, but you can even take it to another machine when you need it. Chrome The Google browser, you can directly access the administration of your favorites by following these steps: Write...
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Do you know how to delete history completely? It is very simple | Digital Trends Spanish

In this guide we will explain how to completely erase your history, no matter which browser you use. Clearing your browser's cache is an important part of the maintenance that must be carried out so that our work flows smoothly, and you should not forget to do it periodically. The cache is responsible for storing the data of the sites you have visited and, although its purpose is to speed up loading times, in the long run it can end up slowing down your browser, in addition to that your private information will be more vulnerable in case of an attack malicious. You will be interested in: But why clear the cache? Maybe cleaning your cache is not absolutely necessary, nor is it something you have to do frequently. However, there are several reasons why clearing your browser's cache migh...
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What is Chromium? We explain it to you | Digital Trends Spanish

To know everything about Chromium and Microsoft's new browser, you first need to know that Chrome was created as part of the Chromium open source project. Funded by Google, it released a browser and operating system that everyone can test or use developing software. Today, many browsers use it as a base, including Opera and Edge, the latest version from Microsoft. Chromium also forms the backbone of Google Chrome and Chromebooks and as such is incredibly useful to user interface designers, software developers, and everyday netizens. Additionally, any software built around Chromium is instantly compatible over the internet, which may give Microsoft the opportunity to become a true competitor in the browser arena after some time in the bush. Here's how the Chromium Proj...