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The iPhone 13 camera will have a portrait mode for video | Digital Trends Spanish

Little by little we are learning more details about Apple's new smartphone that, everything indicates, should be called iPhone 13. Now an article by Bloomberg, points out that some of the main improvements of the new device will go through its cameras. According to the preview, the new iPhone 13 will focus these camera improvements on the more professional audience. In this way, they could incorporate ProRes video recording support in addition to a portrait mode in videos. If the rumor is true, the device will be able to automatically blur the backgrounds of the recordings as part of this new portrait mode. As anticipated, this cinematic video feature is one of the three main features of the new phone's camera. The other two would be support for ProRes video recording and new photo ed...
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The Best Laptops for Photo Editing | Digital Trends Spanish

If you are a photography professional, most of your work will be done in a wide or high resolution format, never or hardly ever using basic programs to retouch your captures. The same applies to your computer: you will need to use one of the best laptops for photo editing, and here we select them for you. You will be interested in: The laptops on this list provide advanced features, high performance, beautiful displays, and sufficient storage (in a variety of form factors) and at prices ranging from extremely expensive premium laptops to affordable budget options for those who want to take their photography to the next level. . Best laptops for photo editing: Apple MacBook Pro 13 M1 Why should you buy it? Because it is the best laptop for editing photos. For whom it is? Anyone who wan...
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Paint on Mac? It’s called Preview and so you can use it | Digital Trends Spanish

Mac users have nothing to envy those who use Windows computers ... except Paint. This program that has been included with Windows since the beginning of time (1985) does not have an equivalent in the world of macOS, and if you need to do a basic edition on your brand new Mac you could get frustrated by not finding a simple application to use. But don't worry: you could pay attention to Preview. In simple terms, it is the equivalent program of Paint on the Mac and the one that Apple computers use by default to open images, PDF and other files, including some editing tools. You can draw in the style of Paint and add text and shapes, among other functions. However, many Mac users are unaware of these functions, as they are hidden behind a button that no one knows very well. We ex...
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The Best Free Photo Editing Programs | Digital Trends Spanish

There is no debate. Photoshop is the best photo editing program out there. End of discussion. However, it is also true that it is not very easy to master without hours of training, and although there are ways to get it for free, most of the time you have to pay to use it. Fortunately, there are many free photo editing programs that you can download right away. Our favorite is GIMP, an open source software available for the three major operating systems that offers a large workspace and a wide variety of professional editing tools. In Digital Trends in Spanish We have a series of guides to help you develop your photography skills, choose the best equipment and make the most of it, so if our main choice does not convince you, do not forget to consult the other options on the lis...
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Do you know everything that Google Photos can do with your images? We will tell you!

Since its launch in 2015, Google Photos has been one of the most popular cloud photo storage and backup apps for both iOS and Android, offering not only a historical archive and immediate backup of every shot you take. , but also the ability to immediately free up space on your phone. For this reason, knowing well some of the best tricks to take advantage of Google Photos will be essential. If you have a Google account it will be free, unless your images exceed 16MP resolutions. It also stores HD videos up to 1080p and is compatible with Apple Live Photos. You have the option to make a payment to store high-resolution photos that are larger than 16MP (upon reaching Google Drive's 15GB storage limit), although most photos taken with phones weigh less than that. Google Photos als...