Monday, August 2


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Can vaccines increase breast size? | Digital Trends Spanish

The world had to accelerate research and the manufacture of vaccines to try to stop the coronavirus pandemic, therefore, it is possible that we still do not have knowledge of all the effects associated with drugs. Some of them may seem more unique than others, at least with respect to the comments of those affected themselves. Emma, ​​a young TikTok user, has pointed out on the platform that she thinks that the Pfizer vaccine may have increased the size of her breasts. The young woman assures that this would have started 15 days after having achieved the immunization of the vaccine. “It was kind of a crisis for me. I had to buy a bra one size larger, "he acknowledged. Although at some point it seemed almost anecdotal, the problem gained visibility when more women responded to the affec...
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Google uses RA to celebrate Halloween | Digital Trends Spanish

This will be a different Halloween, marked by sanitary restrictions due to the coronavirus and with people spending more time at home. It is likely that we will not see so many children from house to house asking for sweets, so parents will have to figure out how to celebrate this classic celebration, but in a way that adapts to the contingency. Fortunately, several companies have launched original proposals so that the house party is not so boring. Google, for example, has just released a series of incredible effects to make ghosts, skeletons, sinister black cats and other classic Halloween figures "appear" in our own home. For this, the company has turned to Augmented Reality so that these original effects can appear in the spaces that we want using the popular search engine app ...