Friday, July 30


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From adolescent to adult: the 26 years of the disruptive MP3 | Digital Trends Spanish

Before Spotify and iTunes, one of the most popular ways to access music was to download it over the internet. If you are around 30 years old or older, you probably remember downloading MP3 content through software such as Napster or Ares, and then exporting your playlist to a player and listen to music on the way to another place. This popular format turns 26 today. The MP3 officially arrived on July 14, 1995; it replaced the cassette, the CD and completely revolutionized the music industry. Its appearance changed the way music was distributed and consumed forever, and even today it remains one of the most used formats by those who do not use the services of streaming. The creation of the MPEG-1 Audio Layer III format - better known as MP3 - is attributed to Karlheinz Brandenburg. ...