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Lord of the Rings series leaves New Zealand | Digital Trends Spanish

The next series of The Lord of the rings Amazon will change locations for the future. After filming the first season in New Zealand, the production announced that they will move to the UK. Through a statement, Amazon also announced that pre-production for the second season will begin in early 2022. And the reasons for this change are part of Amazon's strategy to invest and scale up its studios throughout the UK. In very politically correct words, the bosses of Amazon thank the government of the oceanic country for all the facilities granted for the production of the first season, which will continue in New Zealand until the close of post-production, in mid-2022. Scene from The Lord of the Rings, the film adaptation of the JRR Tolkien saga. New Line / Digital TrendsBut despite the abov...
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New cryptocurrency based on The Lord of the Rings is born | Digital Trends Spanish

As if the cryptocurrencies that already exist were not enough, a new one has appeared that mixes the best of both worlds, judging by its presentation: JRR Token, a cryptocurrency inspired by the work of Tolkien and The Lord of the rings. "A cryptocurrency to dominate them all," he says in the official Web site which announces that the pre-sale begins on August 6, 2021. JRR Token will be a coin based on the Binance Smart Chain and promises to be a long-term sustainable coin. According to its creators, this coin attacks "Three big problems" that the current cryptocurrency market has: it will be much faster when it comes to transactions, it will be more secure as it is not stored in a single central server and, perhaps most importantly, it will be error-free since "the currency will be man...
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Lord of the Rings series receives premiere date | Digital Trends Spanish

The Lord of the Rings series finally has a release date: the production will arrive on September 2, 2022 exclusively on Amazon Prime. And taking advantage of the occasion, Amazon has published the first image of the series. This image was released to commemorate the completion of filming in New Zealand. According to Vanity fair, said photo corresponds to the first episode of the series, although for now there is no more information about the character seen from the back or about the city seen in the background. On September 2, 2022, a new journey begins. & mdash; The Lord of the Rings on Prime (@LOTRonPrime) August 2, 2021 As with other series of services streaming Like those released by Disney, the episodes of this Lord of the Rings will be released weekl...
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A trailer reveals details of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum | Digital Trends Spanish

Until now, most of the Lord of the Rings games have focused on heroes. Fans have had opportunities to fight the Balrog or keep Helm's Deep safe from Isengard's power, but have never been invited to explore one of the most interesting internal conflicts in history. That will change with El Lord of the Rings: Gollum, of which a trailer was just revealed on YouTube, reported Mashable. The newly announced title will be from German developer Daedalic Entertainment, and will focus on the haunted creature between his obsession with the One Ring and his memories of the person he once was. The first trailer for the upcoming adventure game gets straight to the point and sends Gollum to the desolate land of Mordor. According to the trailer, the game begins in a cave, which is pos...