Friday, July 30


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Do you know what it is and how to use a pressure cooker? We explain it to you | Digital Trends Spanish

DT en Español could receive a commission if you buy a product from the site Pressure cookers have a reputation for being dangerous, but most of today's pressure cookers are actually very safe; They are electric, have a wide variety of functions to prepare your food, are programmable and more. In this kitchen utensil you can prepare delicious dishes, but first you need to know how to use a pressure cooker. You will be interested in: How to use a pressure cooker What is a pressure cooker? A pressure cooker It is an airtight cooking utensil that cooks food quickly thanks to the pressure of the steam that accumulates inside. Steam moistens food, making this appliance perfect for casseroles, cheese pies and much more. There are stovetop pressure cookers that...