Monday, September 20


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The best microfiber cloths for your cell phone | Digital Trends Spanish

A cell phone, laptop or TV screen with visible fingerprints or any kind of smudge is really annoying, but it can be very easy to fix. There are many microfiber cloths in the market and we bring you a list of the best that you can currently find. Some even include a special cleaning fluid for this type of screen. You will be interested in: In the case of cell phones, apart from being annoying, it is doubly important for health reasons, since according to studies, we touch our faces up to 500 times a day. How bad could it be? Very bad. Nasty germs - including those that cause the coronavirus - can last up to nine days comfortably on the glass of your cell phone, according to a study published in the Journal of Hospital Infection. Clean your cell phone with microfiber cloths Keeping y...