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Do you remember Clippy? Returns in the form of emoji | Digital Trends Spanish

The popular Clippy, one of Microsoft's first assistants, returns to the prominence that it had a few years ago. The company has started a social media survey to turn it into emoji within Office 365. In its Twitter account, Microsoft asks users if they want Clippy to replace the emoji of the clip that has been used for the last time in Microsoft 365. According to the company, if the responses reach 20,000 "likes", the change will take effect, that is, Clippy would return again and replace the clipboard emoji. If this gets 20k likes, we'll replace the paperclip emoji in Microsoft 365 with Clippy. & mdash; Microsoft (@Microsoft) July 14, 2021 In reality, there are no longer many doubts regarding this matter, since the 20 thousand favorable reactions were achie...
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How to add special characters like emojis and accent marks using your computer’s keyboard

You can add special characters while typing on a computer using keyboard shortcuts or a special pop-up window. Both Windows and Mac computers have the same special characters, but have different ways of typing them. Windows users can use numeric codes to enter special characters, while Mac users can use a Character Viewer menu. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. From degree signs to accents, there are dozens of special characters that can be added to your text on a computer. This even includes emoji, which are more popular than ever these days.Here's how to type special characters on a PC and insert them on Ma...
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iOS 14.2 is now available and brings more than 100 new emojis | Digital Trends Spanish

Apple released iOS 14.2, an update to its mobile operating system, available for iPhones. The company has also released iPadOS 14.2. The new version offers an important variety of functions, however, among the most striking are the more than 100 emojis that are now available. This will undoubtedly become a useful resource for those who love to personalize the conversations they have through chats, giving it a fresher, more friendly character and in keeping with the times. The new emojis In fact, the traditional face with a mask, which was usually used to represent someone sick, has now given way to a normal, smiling face with a mask, implying that in this new healthcare context we all use (and must use) masks. Regarding the new times, within the brand new emojis you can find the ...
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This emoji was created to summarize the entire pandemic | Digital Trends Spanish

Graphing absolutely all the feelings that the COVID-19 pandemic has generated in a single emoji is something really difficult. Because it is possible that the mixture of emotional states during these more than 9 months of 2020 go from sadness, unease, and hopelessness, to the first traits of happiness with the gradual openings of quarantines. However the Unicode Consortium he ventured into creating an emoticon that could sum up all this: It's about the face with spiral eyes. This emoji has the characteristics of being dizzy, hypnotized, and in trouble. As stated on the site The Verge, this face is defined thanks to “The general shorthand, which is clear enough, particularly from the anime examples included as part of the document: Spiral eyes means dizzy, hypnotized, o...