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What is a Bitmoji and how to create them to animate your online chats | Digital Trends Spanish

Why express pre-made emotions with generic emojis that always look the same? Take advantage of a personalized resource that conveys exactly what you feel, using your own face! A Bitmoji offers all the usefulness of an emoji, but it's even better, because it looks like us. Do you want to know more about what a Bitmoji is and how you can make your own? Keep reading. You will be interested in: What is a Bitmoji? Bitmoji is an application that people use to create small versions of themselves, and then use them in their different social media accounts. It is a very simple service: you just create an avatar of yourself and choose all the physical features that characterize you. Once finished, you can use your Bitmoji to express yourself when communicating with someone in a chat or emai...
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How to activate the emoji keyboard on iPhone in a simple way | Digital Trends Spanish

Smartphones revolutionized the way we communicate with each other, and an important element in this evolution is emojis. These symbols help us to accurately express what in the real world we usually transmit through non-verbal language: from joy or sadness to laughter, kisses, surprise and the occasional eschatological question. No matter what you have in mind, there is an emoji for that. Do you have an Apple phone? Learn how to activate the emoji keyboard on iPhone and let the dolls speak for you. You will be interested in: How to activate the emoji keyboard on iPhone If you are preparing to debut with the emojis on your iPhone, it's easy to get started. All you have to do is make sure you have the emoji font turned on. You'll know if it is because your keyboard will clearly di...
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How to send sound emojis on Facebook Messenger | Digital Trends Spanish

Soundmojis. This is how Facebook decided to baptize emojis with embedded audio, an evolution of the traditional figures that are already an integral part of our digital communication on social networks. But what exactly are they and how do they work? Next we will tell you what they are and how to send sound emojis in Messenger. You will be interested in: What are sound emojis These are all the audio emojis available on Facebook Messenger.Strictly speaking, an emoji is a character that is displayed as a colored icon. Each figure responds to a unique code that is regulated by the Unicode consortium. Being coded, most devices are able to process and represent them (although each with its own style). Since it is a character, emojis cannot include audio ... So what exactly are emojis? s...
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Facebook Messenger launches sound emojis | Digital Trends Spanish

If you think that emojis or stickers are not enough to show your emotions, the new from Facebook interests you. The social network has just released soundmojis (or phonoticons, as the company has translated them in Spanish) for its instant messaging app, emoticons that are accompanied by a short audio clip. "We present a complete library of phonoticons for you to choose from and that we will update regularly with new sound effects and familiar sound fragments," says Facebook in a blog post. The first phonotics available in Messenger are the applause, the drum roll, an evil laugh, a violin and a cricket, all of them with their corresponding sound, of course. Faceboook says it hopes to add audio clips from artists like Rebecca Black or from movies and series like Fast & furious 9, Brook...
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Racial diversity in emojis: Apple sued for infringement | Digital Trends Spanish

Apple faces a lawsuit for copyright infringement, which was filed this Friday, September 18 by Cub Club Investment (CCI), according to what was reported by Bloomberg. CCI is run by African-American businesswoman Katrina Parrot, who accuses the tech giant of appropriating an idea of ​​hers that sought to highlight racial diversity in popular emojis. The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas and alleged "trade dress infringement, unfair competition, misappropriation, and unfair enrichment" by Apple. In 2013, Parrott and his team developed the iDiversicons Emoji app in Texas that allowed users to choose from five skin tones. She had cataloged it as "the world's first diverse emoji", which was protected by copyright. That ...