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Now TikTok helps you find your next job | Digital Trends Spanish

Your next job may be found thanks to TikTok. The platform is testing a new system that allows applying for a job through a video presentation. This feature is called Resumes, and it is being tested in the United States. According to the social network, there are already several companies that are interested in finding new employees through its application. The user who is interested in applying for a job, must create a video with the hashtag #TikTokResumes and count in the registry their qualities, aspirations, work experiences and studies. Basically, it is a new way of publishing the resume. Thus, people will be able to use all the tools offered by the platform to create a video, such as the option to add music, filters and stickers. Of course, TikTok recommends not sharing personal...
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Researchers Uncover How Trump Has Used Twitter | Digital Trends Spanish

Donald Trump's rampant and controversial use of his Twitter account has been one of the main hallmarks of his administration, which even dates back to his time as a presidential candidate. A study carried out by the University of Bristol and published in Nature Communications, suggests that the president would have used his account on the platform to divert attention from issues that are unfavorable to him. The work focused on Trump's first two years in office, analyzing Robert Mueller's investigation of possible Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election; topic that was highly damaging. The team examined content related to Russia and the Mueller report in two Russian outlets: The New York Times and the ABC World News Tonight. The researchers also chose some keywords t...
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Finland seduces technology experts with this invitation | Digital Trends Spanish

Finland wants to boost its technology industry and to achieve this it plans to attract the best professionals in this field, either from the United States or from other countries. Helsinki Business Hub just launched the program 90 -Day Finn, with which he intends to pay for the three-month stay of a technology expert in that Finnish city. But not only that, the campaign will also take care of all the necessary procedures for the trip such as the official documentation that is needed, in addition to finding a home, medical care, daycare and schools since, in the job offer, children and family are also included. Presentations will also be arranged in different technology centers and, if all goes well, the campaign will help process a possible permanent residence in the country. Not e...
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Opera will pay someone just to surf the internet | Digital Trends Spanish

It is a job advertisement as strange as it is attractive. Opera is offering a two-week temporary job in which they will pay a person 9 thousand dollars for the simple fact of surfing the Internet. The offer has even been published in Linkedin, and it explains that the applicant can be from anywhere in the world. Your task will be to "browse the far corners of the web and talk about the funny and weird things you come across." Tempting, right? As a requirement, the interested person must know what a browser is, have a computer and a stable internet connection, speak fluent English and be at least 18 years of age. Other conditions for applying are weirder and include loving the web and being someone who spends a lot of time talking to himself. Digital Trends Graphic Candidates who...