Tuesday, September 28

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This giant wind turbine measures six soccer fields | Digital Trends Spanish

In China, construction will begin soon on a gigantic wind turbine, the largest in the world and generating enough power to power 20,000 homes for several decades. The work belongs to the company MingYang Smart Energy and it will consist of a 242 meter diameter rotor that will carry three propellers of 118 meters long each (387 feet) and when turning they will cover an area of ​​46,000 square meters (495,000 feet), equivalent to the size of six football fields . This gigantic turbine will be mounted on a tower whose height will be 242 meters, or almost 800 feet. And it will be installed on a floating platform, far from the coast and in the middle of the ocean. The construction of a prototype will be completed in 2022 and its operation will be in 2023; then, in 2024, commercial product...