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They warn about the bacteria that live in smartphones | Digital Trends Spanish

In today's world, people have become very dependent on cell phones and spend several hours a day glued to these devices. The problem is that these devices could affect our health. An investigation carried out in the United Kingdom by Russian scientists warns about the large number of bacteria found in smartphones, which may even be capable of making us sick. Russian doctor Natalia Ochinskaya explains that swabs taken from phones during the investigation have shown that the devices are a true "breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria." “The study looked at 30 ordinary people's phones. It turned out that, in some cases, the body of a smartphone can contain 18 times more bacteria than the rim of the toilet bowl and the handle of the cistern in the men's room, "the infectious disease expert...
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The consumption of chili could help you live longer | Digital Trends Spanish

Good news for those who consume ají (chili) frequently. A investigation affirms that the consumption of the traditional pepper or chili pepper, as it is known in some countries, would allow people to live longer. Not only that, it would also greatly reduce the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease or cancer. The study will be presented soon in the scientific sessions of the American Heart Association, and for its realization, previous studies were taken into account that affirmed that the pepper has an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-cancer and regulating effect of glucose in the blood. How did they find out? For the present study, the health records of more than 570 thousand patients from the United States, China, Iran and Italy were analyzed, in order to compare the res...
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Pornhub surprises with series of videos about sex education | Digital Trends Spanish

The adult video site Pornhub has consistently found itself amidst controversy. The platform has been accused of objectifying women and encouraging violence against them, in addition to serving as a page to host content that showed rape of minors. The problem is that many countries do not encourage sex education in their educational establishments, so, faced with this regrettable lack, many young people turn to sites like Pornhub to “learn” about sex. Aware of this inconvenience, the company itself wanted to be part of the solution and not the problem by launching, very surprisingly, its first series of videos on sex education. The series was launched today through Pornhub's Center for Sexual Wellness and contains eleven videos on sexual health and relationships. The records are na...
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Y chromosome explains male reactions to disease | Digital Trends Spanish

An important study carried out by researchers at the Montreal Clinical Research Institute proposes that the Y chromosome, typical of men, would be responsible for why they suffer from certain diseases differently than women, including COVID-19. The results of the study were published this month in Nature by University of Montreal professor Christian Deschepper, director of the Experimental Cardiovascular Biology research unit at the Montreal Institute of Clinical Research. "Our discovery provides a better understanding of how male Y chromosome genes allow male cells to function differently from female cells," explained the author according to an article by EurekAlert!. "In the future, these results could help shed some light on why some diseases occur differently in men...