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Bermuda Triangle: This is what science says about the enigma | Digital Trends Spanish

The Bermuda Triangle is an enigma that has spanned decades and has served as the inspiration for series and movies, as well as multiple conspiracy theories. But,what science says about the Bermuda Triangle? We explain it to you. You will be interested in: The Bermuda Triangle is an area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean of about 500,000 square kilometers located between Florida (United States), Puerto Rico and Bermuda. The place owes its name to the fact that if these three places are joined on a map, a triangle is formed. Up to 1,000 people have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. For decades, sailors and airmen have long said that this is an area that has supernatural forces. But science has other explanations. Origin of the mystery Getty ImagesThe place began to acquire its sad fame on D...