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The latest “it bag” is affordable, accessible, and counts Beyonce as a fan. Here’s what its business model is doing right.

Fashion brand Telfar is rewriting the rules of luxury and it's not hard for other brands to follow suit. With its Bag Security Program, customers have a better chance of snagging the brand's high-demand products. Experts explain why it's paving the way for next-gen luxury consumers and entrepreneurs. LoadingSomething is loading. ...
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6 ways to test out your business idea before spending money to officially start it

Having a business idea is easy, but putting that idea to the test is where the real work comes in. Entrepreneur Jen Glantz says aspiring founders should test ideas thoroughly to vet their viability. Write out a business plan, research competitors, and ask your target audience for feedback. See more stories on Insider's business page. When I first had the thought seven years ago of starting a business where strangers could hire me to be their bridesmaid, I wasn't sure if it was a good idea. So before putting any money down, I decided to figure out if people would actually hire a stranger for their wedding day. ...
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5 books that made me a better CEO and helped me strengthen my business

Heidi Zak is the cofounder and CEO of ThirdLove, a multi-generational women's lifestyle brand. These are the books she read over the past year that had a strong impact on her life and business. The list includes "Rituals Roadmap," "Humor, Seriously," and "The Creativity Leap." See more stories on Insider's business page. As much as I love watching shows, movies, and documentaries, reading a book is a very different experience. It forces you to slow down and reflect on things in a way that's a bit harder when you're more passively watching (or listening) to a story. Especially if you're an entrepreneur, you don't get very many momen...
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How the Black tech community is leveraging business models that made hip-hop become a massive cultural and business phenomenon

Lauren deLisa Coleman is a trend analyst and author at the intersection of pop culture and emerging tech. Coleman says business patterns in Black tech are reminiscent of the hip hop industry in the 90s. For Black founders "it's about moving strategically and blowing up," says Coleman. See more stories on Insider's business page. Forget the former tech mantra of move fast and break things. For Black tech entrepreneurs and founders, who receive less than 1% of venture-capital funding, it's about moving strategically and blowing up. ...