Monday, July 26

Eric Adams

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4 takeaways from New York City’s attempt to use ranked-choice voting to pick its next crop of politicians

This past June, New York City became the largest city to use ranked choice voting. The Board of Elections messed up on messaging and tabulation, but in the end the system worked. While the mayor race was a fiasco, ranked choice was huge for contentious city council races. See more stories on Insider's business page. Ranked-choice voting worked as intended, but its New York City debut didn't go off without a few hitches. Ranked-choice voting is a type of ballot that asks voters to list their choices — In New York's case, five — in their order of preference. When the votes are in, the lowest-ranked candidate has their ballots realloc...
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Eric Adams calls Andrew Yang a ‘fraud’ and ‘a liar’ in heated final day of campaigning for NYC mayoral race

The New York City mayoral race is getting heated one day before the June 22 primary. Frontrunner Eric Adams saved some of his most personal attacks on Andrew Yang for last. The animus appears mutual, with Yang campaigning with a rival over the weekend to ding Adams. See more stories on Insider's business page. The Democratic New York City mayoral primary has grown contentions and, at times, personal in its waning days.Candidates have lobbed scorching words at one another, with frontrunner Eric Adams attacking rival Andrew Yang in his strongest terms yet on Monday.Tensions were already running high, but a joint campaign appearance b...
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A volunteer for NYC mayoral candidate Eric Adams was stabbed while out canvassing in the Bronx

A volunteer for Eric Adams' campaign was stabbed in the Bronx on Saturday. The volunteer was out canvassing when he was approached by two men who fled after one stabbed him. Adams is part of a crowded field of Democrats in the NYC mayoral primary election on Tuesday. See more stories on Insider's business page. A 42-year-old volunteer for the campaign of Eric Adams, who is running for mayor of New York City, was stabbed Sunday while out canvassing in the Bronx, the campaign said."A member of Team Adams — who has been working hard & volunteering every day — was stabbed in the Bronx today," Adams, a former police officer, tweeted. "W...