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Common MacOS Catalina problems that we help you solve | Digital Trends Spanish

At its launch in October 2019, Catalina boasted new features and the departure of others, along with new applications, among which SideCar stood out. Apple continues to offer support for older models since its release. Of course, like any great software project, it is normal that there are problems in its operation; That is why here we bring you the solution to the macOS Catalina problems. You will be interested in: MacOS Catalina problems on installation Although the process of Upgrading to Catalina is pretty straightforward - you'll find the update on Apple's Mac App Store - some users have reported problems downloading the update. The most common error codes, at least in the first few days of the Catalina download, include messages such as "The network connection was lost" or "Th...
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Some problems of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and what to do with them Digital Trends Spanish

The main milestone that the Galaxy Note 8 brought with it in 2017 was that it made us forget the disaster that the Galaxy Note 7 meant for Samsung with its kamikaze batteries. The eighth generation of this range - although it was quickly surpassed by the Note 9 and Note 10 - stands out for its dual cameras, excellent performance and S Pen functionality. But it is not without its flaws either. We review the most common Samsung Galaxy Note 8 problems and reveal some secrets to you. Problem: insensitive touch screen In the forums of Samsung and of XDA developers reports were filed about screens not responding. Users contend that sometimes they can't swipe down notifications, and at other times, touches are recorded without people touching the screen. Alternative meth...
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It did not last a day: iOS 14 has its first flaws | Digital Trends Spanish

Less than 24 hours after its launch, the first problems began to be reported in the first public version of iOS 14, Apple's operating system for iPhones. One of the flaws is linked to the possibility of choosing an email application or a browser other than those offered by Apple by default. According to the site9to5Mac, the problem causes the default settings of the browser or mail application to reset to Safari or Mail when the device is restarted. For example, if a user chooses Mozilla or Chrome as their default browser, each time they click on a link, the website will open in the application of their choice. However, when it is necessary to restart the device - due to battery depletion, for example - everything will return to the factory settings, that is, with Safar...
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Typical mistakes when buying a laptop that many make | Digital Trends Spanish

Getting a new laptop is exciting. However, you must make sure you choose the correct one for your needs; you are faced with some big decisions. In a store they may offer you the newest or the one with the best functions, but it is more relevant to have a laptop that you know how to use and that adapts to your needs. Making a bad buy is an expensive lesson. So that it doesn't happen to you - or at least not again - this guide will help you avoid the most common mistakes when buying a laptop. And to get ahead of the job, check here also which are the best laptops you can buy. Buy the cheapest model The cheapest computer may be an easy option, but it probably won't have all the features you need, and it probably won't last as long as you'd like. For example, imagine ...