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Twitter, full of racist insults towards English players | Digital Trends Spanish

The fans of the English soccer team took to social media to vent all their frustration after losing the Euro Cup final to Italy. The problem is that both Twitter and Instagram were filled with racist insults towards three players from the national team. They are Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka, who lost their shots on penalties. Once the game ended, the accounts of the three footballers on both social networks were filled with hate messages related to their skin color, a situation that has continued to this day. On an article from The Verge, a Twitter spokesperson pointed out that "abhorrent racist abuse targeting England players" had no place on the platform. As a result of this unfortunate situation, the platform had to react and has already deleted more than a thousand...
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Euro 2021: how and when to watch the final England vs. Italy | Digital Trends Spanish

The iconic Wembley Stadium will be the setting for the historic final of the European Championship between England and Italy this Sunday, July 11. There is no doubt that they have been the best teams, so what everything suggests that it will be an intense duel. We tell you how to watch England vs. Italy. You will be interested in: The setting could not have been more appropriate for England. Not only could Gareth Southgate's team win their first European Championship title at home, but it would also be their first since 1966, the only time they were crowned world champions. With the inspired Harry Kaney and Raheem Sterling in the lead and Jordan Pickford in goal - who managed to add 721 minutes without conceding a goal - the English hope to erase the failure of the 1996 Euro Cup, wh...
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Euro 2021: the top ten goals of the tournament | Digital Trends Spanish

A shot from 45 meters by Czech striker Patrick Schick is by far the most spectacular score of Euro 2021. However, with 137 scores - an average of almost three per game - there are alternatives for all tastes. Still, we have chosen the best goals of Euro 2021. You will be interested in: Some such as Cristiano Ronaldo's first goal in Portugal's 2-4 loss to Germany or Turkish İrfan Kahveci's subtle touch against Switzerland, in Turkey's only goal in the tournament, were close to entering this ranking. But after reviewing all the tournament entries, we have selected the most spectacular ones. The ten best goals of Euro 2021 10) Andriy Yarmolenko (Netherlands vs. Ukraine) June 13th. First date. Group C. Ukraine fell in an unappealable way to the Netherlands 0-2. But he got into the race...
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Euro 2021: how and where to watch Spain vs. Italy | Digital Trends Spanish

A true classic of European football is the one that will star this Tuesday, July 6, Spain and Italy for the semifinals of Euro 2021. It is an unmissable duel that will allow you to meet the first finalist of the tournament. And if you are wondering how to see Spain vs. Italy, we have put together all the available alternatives. You will be interested in: Spain was installed among the four best in the tournament without convincing their fans 100 percent. Although unbeaten, the victory over Slovakia (5-0) in the opening phase was the only victory in the regulation 90 minutes (5-3 over Croatia was in the extension). Italy, meanwhile, has been the most effective team in the tournament. Of the four semi-finalists, she is the only one to have won all five of her matches. Not only that: R...
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The Eurocup leaves 2 thousand infected by COVID-19 in Scotland | Digital Trends Spanish

Euro 2020 could be responsible for almost 2,000 cases of COVID-19 infections in Scotland. Public Health Scotland noted that two-thirds of the 1,991 cases were people who traveled to London to watch the Scotland-England game on June 18. This includes 397 fans who were inside Wembley Stadium during the match. While the Scots were only allocated 2,600 tickets for the important match, tens of thousands of fans are believed to have traveled to London despite warnings not to unless they had a ticket. Getty Images.According an article from the BBC, many of them congregated in the city center before the game, and those in Leicester Square had to be evicted by the police after the break. Jason Leitch, Scotland's clinical director, was disappointed that 2,000 of the 32,000 cases recorded in the ...