Sunday, July 25

European Space Agency

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SpaceX’s Rideshare is making it far easier to launch satellites into orbit. In-Space Missions explains how it’s using the program to help customers realise their ambitions.

SpaceX's Rideshare has helped cut the timescale for getting into orbit from years to a few months.  UK firm In-Space Missions is using the program to develop its own customizable satellite tech. It was able to send one of the 88 small satellites, or smallsats, that recently launched into orbit.  When you spend millions to build a satellite — each second you wait for its launch carries the weight of years of hard work.Nobody knows that better than Doug Liddle, co-founder and CEO of In-Space Missions, and a nearly 30-year veteran of the space industry. He also led the design of the first Galileo satellite demonstrator, Europe's premier global navigation sat...